All around the world there are people who are feeling a need to prepare for difficult times ahead.  It doesn’t take long to see that there are differences in what each of us believes; but there is an overall consistency that trouble is coming… big trouble.

Obviously we can’t all be right about the details.  In fact, it is more likely that we are all wrong, in the sense of not having all the details worked out perfectly.

But we will get far closer to the truth if we can learn to listen to one another.  Without getting into heated debates, we would like to offer this web site as a hub for various individuals and groups, where we can share with one another some of the things we have learned in our own search for answers about where the world is heading.

This web site does not claim to be the answer for everyone or for everything. But if we can be of some help in drawing together people who are concerned about the times in which we live, and if we can share constructively with one another on how to survive what is coming, then we will have accomplished our goal.

Please stay tuned, as articles, links, and other material go up on this site over the next few months.