Children are being conditioned to accept the cashless society.   Cashless technology, such as the wristband featured here, is not just convenient but fashionable.
Chidlren as young as 12 can now use so-called tap-and-pay wristbands to make instant purchases.
The hi-tech Barclaycard bPay wristbands – as well as key fobs and stickers – will go on sale from Wednesday.
The technology works like contactless credit or debit cards, allowing people to buy goods by simply placing their device against a card reader at the till.
Users can only spend up to £20 a time, rising to £30 from September in line with changes to contactless card limits.
Children can link the devices to their own bank account or that of their parents.
They must be topped up like a pay-as-you-go phone, but can be set to automatically top up from someone’s bank account if they fall below a certain limit.
The devices will be available to anyone with a Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card, not just Barclaycard customers, and can be used at more than 300,000 places in Britain that take contactless payments.
Contactless payments, which do not require someone to enter their PIN, have surged as people look for more convenient ways to pay, with more transactions taking place in the first nine months of last year than the previous six years.
Mike Saunders, from Barclaycard, said: ‘We’re in the midst of a sweeping change in the way we pay, with cash-dominated transactions being replaced by touch-and-go contactless technology that has made it easier, safer and faster to make low-value payments.’