Zion Ben-Jonah Writes


There are many prophecies that warn of a surprise military attack on Israel "from the north". A number of Bible expositors have seen Russia as the one making the attack. However, most overlooked the fact that the United States is the modern day equivalent of Israel, and that an attack on the U.S. by Russia from over the North Pole would also be "from the north".


In the opening chapter of the book of Jeremiah, God asks the prophet what he is looking at one night, and he says that he is looking at a pot of boiling water. He says, "The face thereof is toward the north." God goes on to tell him that the pot symbolises trouble that is coming from the north… trouble that will put his people in "hot water" figuratively speaking. (Jeremiah 1:13-14)


It is interesting that the most significant constellation in the Northern Hemisphere is the Big Dipper (or 'big pot'), and that you need only line up the two stars on the "face" of it to locate the North Star. The North Star is the most significant star in yet another constellation… the constellation called in Latin, Ursa (or Russia)… the Bear!