We will now summarise some of the things that will happen during the last seven years (and a bit) before Jesus Christ returns to earth. The timetable below has illustrations to help you associate some of the important points listed below with where they appear on that timetable. Note: Quite a few of the things happen at the same time, even though they are listed here one after the other.

Arma Chart

First we will list events which are likely to occur before the last seven years begin.


A. America will be destroyed in a sudden military attack by Russia, which will result in communist control of the United Nations. (Revelation 17:16-17)


B. A universal identification system will be enacted, which will probably take several years to become fully functional. (Revelation 13:15-18)


C. An English-speaking leader (the voice of the Lion), supported by Russia (the feet of the Bear), and representing the Third World (the body of the Panther) will gain control of the U.N. through its Security Council. (Revelation 13:2)


D. This world leader will receive a "deadly wound" from which he miraculously recovers. (Revelation 13:3) (This may not happen until the "middle of the week". That could be when the Devil enters the leader's otherwise dead body.


It is possible that the leader will actually be a sincere person to start with, and only become a zombie [or a "beast"] after the deadly wound occurs. This is a good argument against the tendency for people to think that identifying the leader and ridding the world of him would be justified. It is not the man, but the Devil behind him that is the real enemy; and we cannot destroy the Devil with natural weapons.)


Now for some things that will happen during the first half of the last seven years. There are time periods given in the book of Daniel which have helped us to compute how long it will be between some of these events. The references for those time periods are shown in parentheses. In particular, the length of the Wrath has been computed from Daniel 12:11-12. (See "H".)


E. An agreement will be made between the new world leader and the Jews, to rebuild their Temple in Jerusalem. From this point, there will be "seven years" or 2,520 days left (approximately six years and eleven months by our modern calendars) before Christ returns. (Daniel 9:27)


F. About seven months (220 days) after the agreement has been signed, the first animal sacrifices will be offered on the new altar in the new Temple in Jerusalem. There will be 2,300 days left (about six years plus three and a half months) until Christ returns. (Daniel 8:13)


G. There will be worldwide peace, prosperity, and religious tolerance. (Daniel 8:25)


H. Thirty days before the start of the Great Tribulation, sacrifices will be suddenly and forcibly stopped in the Temple in Jerusalem. (1290 days till Christ returns, and 1335 days till the end of the Wrath. See Daniel 12:11-12) At some time over the next thirty days, the world leader will desecrate the Temple, and issue orders that all religious activity (apart from worship of himself) must cease.


I. The worldwide identification system, involving micro-chip implants under the skin on the back of the hand, will be used to monitor the activities of people throughout the world. No further purchases, sales, or other business transactions will be allowed for people without an implant. (Revelation 13:15-18) Exactly when this will start is not clear; it could be much sooner.


Now we come to events which will take place in the period known as the Great Tribulation, or the last three and a half years before Christ returns.


J. Earth will be hit by a meteor. A billion people will die. (Revelation 8:7-12)


K. The Antichrist (world leader) will kill millions of Christians. (Daniel 7:21; Matthew 24:21-22)


L. Two Christian prophets will preach to the whole world, warning them to repent. They will be hated by all non-believers. From the time they start preaching, 1260 days are left (or three years, five months, and two weeks) until Christ returns. (Revelation 11:3)

 M. Christians will be forced to live by faith during this period. Those who have learned to hear God's voice and to follow him, will be led to places of refuge, and they will be provided for by him. (Luke 17:36-37; Revelation 12:6, 14)


N. Christ returns! His arrival will be witnessed by people around the world (possibly via live satellite TV). All Christians (including those who had died over the ages) will suddenly receive new bodies, so that they can levitate up into the sky to meet Christ as he is coming down. (Matthew 24:29-31; 1 Corinthians 15:51-52)


O. All of these transformed Christians will be taken to someplace in the skies for incredible celebrations while God's wrath is being poured out on a disobedient world down below. (Revelation 19:9, 17-21)


P. It is possible that the world will be aware of the celebrations that are going on (maybe because something like a starship will be visible above Jerusalem). At any rate, the armies of the world will gather in Israel in an attempt to battle the heavenly army (possibly convinced that we are dangerous aliens). The heavenly celebrations will conclude with Christ leading us in an attack on those down below. This is the famous Battle of Armageddon. (Revelation 16:12-16; 19:11- 21)


Q. The Devil is locked away, and Christ starts a 1,000-year reign over the earth, with his followers being placed in charge of cities and countries. (Revelation 19:20; 20:1-4; Luke 19:17)

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