The scope of this book does not allow us to cover all of the details that fit together to make up the big picture of what is about to come to pass in the world in the next few years.  There certainly is room for disagreement on some of the details, since they are all based on interpretations of Bible prophecies.  However, in this chapter we will give you a rough outline of some of the things that we expect (Many of them have already begun.) and then proceed to explain specifically how some of the conclusions have been reached.  

The first edition of this book came out in 1999, prior to the end of the Millenium.  At that time, we said, "We can say with relative certainty that nothing will happen at that time that is any more significant than the sort of things that are happening now and that will continue to happen after January 1, 2000.  There is nothing in Bible prophecy to support the theory that the year 2000 marks the end of the world. "

But we went on to say, "Don't be surprised if the end comes just a few years after the start of the new millennium.  It has nothing to do with the calendar, but plenty to do with developments in world politics, and especially with developments in world banking."  We are now living in those first few years after January 1, 2000.

So here is the picture as we saw it then, and as we see it now.

There will be more earthquakes, more epidemics, and more famines.  An increase in wars, and more problems with the world economy, will lead to drastic changes in both government and banking.  

Russia will more or less rise from the dead and turn on America, virtually destroying it in a surprise military strike over the North Pole.  An extremely popular man will gain control of the U.N. and use it to set up a world empire which will bring in world peace and prosperity.

The world's banking system will be totally transformed, with computer scans eventually controlling all business transactions.  People will do all of their buying and selling through a microchip implant on the back of their hands.  (Amputees will be able to get an implant put on their forehead.)  This implant will virtually eliminate the need for paper money.  

The changes, both in government and in economics, will bring great benefits to most of the earth's population.  This will further increase the power and popularity of the world leader.

The Jews will rebuild their Temple in Jerusalem, and resume animal sacrifices.  There will be, for a while, greater religious tolerance than ever before.  Only the most rabid fanatics will oppose the changes.  Amongst opponents will be a small group of Christians who will argue that it is all a mask for something unbelievably evil.

This group of Christians will try to tell the world that the popular leader is actually the Son of Satan in much the same way that Jesus is the Son of God.  They will also warn that a global disaster is about to strike the earth.  (The exact details are not clear ar this stage.)  They will warn of an asteroid (or possibly nuclear satellites) crashing into the earth and poisoning much of the earth's water supplies, killing life in the oceans, and destroying much of the world's vegetation.  Millions will be killed as a result of this disaster.

About the time that the disaster takes place, the world leader will begin a campaign against the fanatics, possibly accusing them of playing some part in causing the disaster that has struck the earth.  The leader will order that all forms of worship be abolished and that he alone be worshipped as god.  Anyone who refuses to worship him will be arrested and executed.  This program of systematic persecution against all who believe in God will result in the deaths of more people than have ever been slain by any world leader in history, including Hitler and Stalin.  

Two spokespersons for the fanatics will repeatedly elude capture at the same time that they succeed in getting the world to hear their message of warning.  A worldwide manhunt will eventually track them down, and their execution will be televised around the world.  Their bodies will be displayed in public for three days.
And then Jesus Christ will return to earth.

The two people who were executed will suddenly come to life, as will thousands of others who were killed for their faith in Jesus Christ.  They will all be given new bodies that are not subject to gravity as people are now.  All of these people, plus those who are alive and who have refused to worship the world leader or to allow a microchip implant on their bodies, will be able to float up to meet Jesus in the sky.  This amazing escape will be documented with television coverage around the world.  All those who are drawn together in this way will disappear into another dimension, possibly into some kind of a huge starship, where they will celebrate their de­liv­erance.  At the same time, new problems will confront those left on earth.

More disasters will strike the earth over the next few weeks, causing suffering for billions of people.  Those left on the earth will continue to put the blame on the departed fanatics, and will become convinced that they are dangerous aliens from another world.  All the armies of the earth will be drawn together to challenge the aliens, as a show-down looms over Israel.  

When those who disappeared have finished their celebrations in their refuge in the skies, they will swoop down on earth behind their leader, Jesus.  The weapons amassed in the valley of Megiddo, in Israel, will be no match for them.  This is the famous Battle of Armageddon, and it will be totally one sided.  Those mortals who mistakenly thought they could fight God, will be wiped out.  The victorious army will be fully occupied for months just burying all of the bodies and disposing of the ruined weapons.  

Then Jesus and his supernatural army will set about rebuilding the earth with the few survivors that remain.  The Devil will be bound by God, so that evil will no longer triumph on earth.  Whereas all past governments had been corrupt and cruel, and had appealed to people's greed, the forces for good will triumph in this new world.  

Jesus will begin a reign of a thousand years on earth, in which he and his supernatural followers will seek to educate the inhabitants of this planet in the ways of God.  The earth's mortal population will increase during that period of time.  

At the end of the thousand years, the devil will be loosed once again, to see if the people of the repopulated earth have learned how to resist his lies and deceptions.  But enough for now.  That's another story.

Obviously all of this must sound a bit far-fetched for most readers.  There are probably details which we do not have exactly right.  But anyone who has studied Bible prophecy at all would have to agree that the overall picture is pretty accurate.  In the chapters that follow we will attempt to lead you through some of the steps in how we arrived at these conclusions, including a timetable that you can use to actually count down the final seven years before Armageddon.

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